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Since our beginnings in 2016 we have created gardens, landscaping in difficult areas, paving including restoration of existing sandstone walls and paths. We will consult with you through every step of the process as we employ our expertise and experience that our highly skilled team to bring your vision to life.


Flexible in design, colour and sizes to suit any situation, the Cantaport system is We specialise in Cantaport supply and installation anywhere in NSW, as we believe these cantilever carport designs are the most attractive and effective shade solution available today. Cantaport structures offer state of the art Japanese engineering and architectural profiles with sleek lines and unique design. They are highly versatile and are ideal for a variety of environments in a structure which offers an overhanging roof supported by posts on only one side of the structure.
Produced in Japan using state of the art technology to the highest standards. Certified to Australian standards, Cantaport offers an affordable quality solution that provides protection to protect your car, boat, caravan, motorbike or even swimming pool. Commercial applications include instant cover to carparks at shopping centres, offices, apartments, facilities, depots, parks and schools. You may need to offer a clearer view, arrange seating, park vehicles, set up outdoor furniture, extend outdoor living, shelter from sun and rain.
Cantaport structures are manufactured from non combustible material and block out harmful and glaring UV and glaring rays and reduce heat while providing full viewing as posts are eliminated. They are wind rated from up to 147km per hour. Designed in Japan Cantaport also have a snow loading rating and suit extreme weather conditions.

Reduces heat

Polycarbonate sheeting reduces the heat by 83%


Polycarbonate sheeting repels water and collects water in the integrated gutter and releases the water through a downpipe. The downpipe is also fitted with an inspection cap, that allows for all foreign particles that have collected in the gutter i.e. leaves, branches etc, to be flushed out.

Blocks 99% uv

Polycarbonate sheeting Blocks out 99% UV rays.

Structurally wind rated

The Cantaport structure can withhold up to 147km winds (specific to each model). The tests included wind tunnel testing and through many years of over 25 years of experience manufacturing these structures in Japan.


The polycarbonate sheeting has been tested under the stringent test of compliance to standards in Japan, Europe, USA, Asia and Australia to guarantee that the polycarbonate will not crack, split or show signs of stress for a minimum of 7 years (subject to being installed as per the manufacturers' installation manual). The Blue smoke polycarbonate sheeting is hail resistant and can support 20cm of snow load over the entire roof.

Manufactured to be non combustible

The Cantaport has been certified by Australian and international accredited engineers to comply with international and Australian ratings.

Easily maintained

The Cantaport structure has been designed to provide a long-lasting shade cover with minimal fuss. The gutter and downpipe have an inspection cap that allows flushing the gutter of any leaves. The anodised surface finish is the lasting colour for life. Unlike powder coating, it will not fade and is resistant to UV rays. The polycarbonate sheeting requires no surface contact for cleaning other than high-pressure water from a garden hose. It is recommended to inspect the structure after experiencing extreme storms for visible loose bolts or components. If unsure, contact us with any questions.


Unlike many other products in the market place, Cantaport stands by the quality of its products in the Australian marketplace with a 7-year warranty.

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